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Hello! I'm Eric Mistry.

As an educational technology expert, I've dedicated my career to learning about education and technology and the ways they can work most effectively together. I truly believe that the intersection of technology, the liberal arts, and the human experience is the most interesting place to work, learn, play, and exist. 

I'm also an artist at heart, and think that good design enhances everything. I try to bring that perspective to all of my work, whether it's crafting lessons, building technology solutions, or designing cohesive visual identities. 

Thanks to exploring a multitude of areas, constant reading, my international background, and insatiable curiosity, I can often bring unique solutions and ideas to any project. Get in touch if you think I can help you in any way. Even if not, I usually can help guide you to the person who can.

On a personal level, I'm a relatively creative soul and particularly enjoy photography, graphic design, cooking,  and writing. I'm also a retired swimmer who can't stay away from the pool. Other than that, I'm a tinkerer and often have more than a few creations underway at any given time. 

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